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I have experienced the pleasure of working with Alycia over the past two seasons within the Mazda Road to Indy. Alycia has delivered relevant, fresh content on a weekly basis for the teams she has represented within the Mazda Road to Indy thanks to her dedication to the task at hand and her familiarity with the sport in general. Alycia’s racing background coupled with her genuine likeability is the perfect recipe for delivering content that generates meaningful engagement from a digital standpoint.


What Alycia also brings to the table is added value and a greater return on investment. Alycia was able to secure wins in our #MRTI/#TeamCooperTire hashtag challenge last year, which directly and positively affected her clients’ budgets by winning them thousands of dollars’ worth of race tires. And I can tell you that no single person was more passionate about their content than Alycia, as she was always confirming her place in the standings with me throughout the program. If you are looking for someone to trust with your brand and deliver content that is attractive to potential sponsorship, look no further than Alycia Hodapp.

Casey Ackerman - Activation Director

Marketing Activations Group, LLC

"Working with Alycia is unlike anyone I have ever worked with in motorsports PR. I have never seen someone on top of their game as much as she is. JDC's social media was practically non-existent before Alycia came aboard. Once she was aboard, our social media platforms took a full 360 with constant updates with fan-relatable content. She never misses a session and is always informing fans with clean information that looks and is extremely professional. She is just an absolute delight to work with and is one of the best in motorsports!"

Clark Toppe 

2016 Mazda Prototype Lites Champion

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